The Pricelessness Of Silence

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When you have an entire world between your ears, constantly buzzing around, it is hard to find some silence. Silence is daunting. Stillness is frightening. Silent and still, you have to confront all of that noise swirling around your head. It makes you uncomfortable, but you’ve learned to live with it because that is the way that you are, that is the way that your brain is. As a result, you’re busy. You’re busy in the brain and you’re busy in the body. You keep yourself busy to keep yourself away from the silence. At some point, you aren’t sure which would be more insufferable, the silence or the business of your life.

You aren’t alone in this struggle. Modern life is busy and most people are struggling to find time to sit still, in silence, because of both their busy lives and their busy minds. In times of being busy, they’re wishing they could sit still. In times of sitting still, they’re thinking about busy things. Silence and stillness are precious commodities. An increasing amount of research is indicating that you need time for silent stillness and still silence in order to fully thrive in life. Stress is a leading cause of disease and illness physically. Mentally, stress which is caused by unrelenting busy-ness can trigger mental illness symptoms causing them to become more severe. For example, in drug and alcohol use disorders, chronic stress without any pause for manageability, can cause cravings.

Finding Silence and Stillness

Meditation and wellness practices are a popular lifestyle trend right now because people are burning out. They are suffering in their mental health and their physical health. Reaching their capacity for stress, they are realizing that silence and stillness are not luxurious commodities but basic necessities. To find silence and stillness, you don’t need anything more than the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Both mindfulness and meditation are scientifically proven to reduce stress to a significant degree. Inherently, mindfulness is a meditation and meditation is mindful. A mindful meditation practice can involve different techniques for creating silence and stillness by a core practice of simply focusing on the breath. The overwhelming simplicity, and often challenge for many people, of mindful meditation practice is how simple it is to come back to the breath at any moment of the day, focus, and continue to breathe. Within that very moment, silence and stillness is created in mind, body, and spirit.


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