The Power of Slowing Down

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The Power of Slowing Down

Slowing down is a radical act of self-compassion when today’s societal narrative overtly and covertly communicates to try harder, achieve more, and be better.

As important as it is to sometimes push our comfort zones to reach the goals we have for ourselves, it is also important to allow ourselves to slow down and rest without thinking that means we are not doing “enough.”

Slowing Down to Speed Up

To stay motivated, energized, and excited to do the work we are doing in the world—regardless of whether “work” is career-related or not—we must give ourselves time to slow down. Scheduling rest and periods where we are not continuously going is vital for preventing burn-out and compassion fatigue. This can make it so that we can continue doing what we want and need to do in life.

Redefining What Rest Means

Rest has been made to mean many things, and each of us most likely has a different meaning, feeling, and story attached to the concept. For many of us, the story attached to rest may say that it is a “bad” thing, that it means we are lazy, or that we should be doing more.

It can be helpful to build awareness around the stories we have created and learned about rest, especially if it is something we are resistant to and need to allow ourselves to embody. Rest does not mean anything other than rest until we give it meaning. What if we let rest simply mean giving our mind, body, and soul the nourishment it needs that comes from slowing down?

Rest as Self-Compassion

Slowing down and choosing to rest when our bodies and minds are telling us to speed up by noticing exhaustion, early signs of burnout, greater amounts of anxiety, and higher stress is an act of self-care. Choosing to slow down and soften into resting before we are forced to after we have hit a wall is a way to care for ourselves well.

Resting is essential to cultivating balance and holistic wellness in our lives. Without it, the chances of experiencing chronic burn-out and unhealthy levels of stress, anxiety, and depression are higher. Through redefining what rest means, using rest as self-compassion, and recognizing that we must slow down to keep going, we can begin to cultivate safety in slowing down.

Slowing down and practicing rest is essential for your ability to continue moving toward your goals and desires in recovery at a personally fulfilling pace. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how difficult it can be to embrace rest when you feel pressure to always be achieving more, doing more, and being “better.” Rewriting the ideas you have about rest and practicing self-compassion can help you slow down, and our team can support you in this journey. If you are ready to begin healing from mental health issues and finding peace, call Avalon Malibu today at (844) 857-5992.

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