The Harms of Treating Solely an Addiction When Mental Illness is Involved

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The Harms of Treating Solely an Addiction When Mental Illness is Involved

Most people view addiction as the sole problem a person experiences, because the harmful consequences of substance abuse seem to be the most visible and direct. However, there’s much more than goes on beneath the surface; in many instances, those battling addiction are also struggling with mental illness, placing them in a category of having a co-occurring disorder. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) notes that co-occurring disorders affect people of all walks of life and age groups; when having both an addictionand mental illness, there are a number of implications for recovery: 

  •   Mood, thinking and behavior may change
  •   A number of symptoms can present themselves, or even worsen, over time
  •   Some disorders may be hard to distinguish from others, based on an overlap of symptoms
  •   Health problems, disability, and difficulty meeting daily responsibiltiies can occur

By treating solely the addiction, a person is much less likely to succeed in long-term sobriety because they’ll also be battling with the symptoms of mental illness. In 2016, the LA Times reported addiction and mental illness can go hand-in-hand; for example, someone who battles with alcoholism may be at an increased risk for developing depression, and symptoms of depression can perpetuate the urge to drink in order to mask unpleasant thoughts or feelings.

Avalon Malibu takes a holistic perspective to recovery and explores the mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. All of these combined influence one another – and by treating both addiction and mental illness at the same time, a person can develop tools to become stronger in their sobriety and mental health recovery.

If you’re ready to take a stand for your holistic health, speak with a professional from Avalon Malibu today. It’s never too late to seek the help you need. 

Avalon Malibu is a world-renowned, California state-licensed mental health and substance abuse recovery center. If you are ready to seek treatment to develop the tools you need to overcome life’s obstacles and be on the road towards happiness, health, and well-being, call us today at 844-857-5992 for a consultation. It’s never too late, and there are people here ready to help you – it’s never too late to begin taking steps towards a happier, healthier life. 

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