Success in Recovery 

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Research shows that the highest addiction recovery success rates occur when individuals receive help abstaining from substances, as well as support cultivating healthy lifestyle changes in general. What many don’t realize, is that recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol involves so much more than abstinence. The recovery process requires commitment growth in developing coping skills, building self-esteem and self-efficacy, goal setting and creating healthy habits. When treatment for addiction takes such a well-rounded approach, those recovering can create and sustain quality sobriety that will propel them into a happier and healthier future. 

Factors for Success in Treatment

There are several factors that can help you achieve greater success in your treatment from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. First, it is important to feel safe and comfortable in the space that you are recovering in. Second, when safety is prioritized, you can access the authenticity and vulnerability necessary to work on your internal environment during psychotherapy sessions. Finally, shifting the internal mental/emotional state inspires self-esteem which motivates the creation of healthier lifestyle choices. At this point, seeking greater health and nutrition will inspire further growth and progress in your recovery.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

The physical environment in addiction recovery is incredibly important, especially if you’re planning to stay in your treatment program long term. In addition to having a space that minimizes errors, falls, and infections, Avalon Malibu provides utmost privacy, comfort, and control. The beautiful views at Avalon Malibu help people to feel at ease and the immediate access to nature can be comforting. 

Getting Vulnerable Through Psychotherapy

No matter your circumstances, it’s likely that you’ve experienced things in your past that continue to affect you presently. Working through past trauma is important in order for you to heal and move forward with your life. Psychotherapy is a wonderful resource offered at Avalon Malibu, that will get you on the path towards breaking through old emotions and patterns and practicing new, healthy behaviors and coping mechanisms. Researchers say that psychotherapy helps kick cognitive processes into gear – producing benefits that continue even after a person has completed therapy.

Creating Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Creating a healthier lifestyle is a natural byproduct of abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol. Typically, people don’t take the greatest care of themselves during active addiction. Therefore, when you make the decision to pursue a life of sobriety, part of this process involves learning to implement positive self-care habits. At Avalon Malibu, you will receive guidance and support to help improve your nutrition, physical health and overall quality of life. By showing up for yourself and your health daily, you will build the self-esteem necessary to sustain long-term recovery from addiction. 

Looking for Help?

Avalon Malibu is a world-renowned, California state-licensed mental health and substance abuse recovery center. We seek to offer our clients a safe and supportive environment in which they can jump-start their recovery towards living a life free from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.  If you are looking for help developing the tools you need to overcome life’s obstacles and be on the road towards happiness, health, and well-being, call us for a consultation today at 844-857-5992. We have people here ready to help you – it’s never too late to begin taking steps towards a happier, healthier life. 

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