Signs of Psychopathic Behavior

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Psychopathic Behavior questionnaire

Psychopath raises a very particular kind of image in the mind. Thanks to the perpetuation of some very vivid, grotesque, and cruel stereotypes, we tend to think of psychopaths as clinically insane- there is a difference. We see them as murderers, thieves, and comic book story villains. There is a difference between the clinically insane- those who are completely and dangerously detached from the roots of humanity in reality, and those are living with a form of psychopathy, which is different.

Signs and Symptoms

The problem with trying to use the signs and symptoms to determine if someone might be living with a form of psychopathy is that it is the psychopathic nature to be especially endearing and charming, which hides some of the other symptoms. For example, it is common in psychopathic behavior to take risks, regardless of consequence. Endangering the self or endangering others is of little to no consequence to anyone else. Risky and non-consequential behavior is not exclusive to psychopathic behavior, which can make the symptom seem normal. Typically, the risks that someone with psychopathic tendencies are significantly greater and have a higher cost than others. Risky behavior is often coupled with impulsivity, which is caused by what seems like boredom but is in many ways a lack of stimulation. For further complication, these symptoms are common in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Aggressive behavior, impulsive behavior, and egotistical behavior can all be attributed elsewhere.

The defining characteristics of psychopathic behavior include behaviors which seem cruel, intention, uncaring, and unemotional. Despite a charming demeanor, the lack of consideration to others gets in the way of being able to have healthy relationships because there are chronically harms being done.

Working With a Psychopath

If you believe someone in your life is struggling with a severe mental health disorder, it is important to maintain strict boundaries in order to keep a defining line of reality. Each state has mandated programs for voluntary treatment if you believe someone is a danger to you or to others.


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