Psychedelic Drugs

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People who experience more severe anxiety and stress tend to have difficulties with daily tasks, such as remembering particular deadlines, communicating clearly with others, staying organized in their thoughts, and working through daily challenges. Living with untreated anxiety can be particularly difficult. Unfortunately, many people rely on illegal substances such as psychedelic drugs to self-medicate.

Self-Medicating Through Micro-Dosing

“Micro-dosing” is the practice of self-medicating with small doses of psychedelic drugs. Often, people use substances like LSD, magic mushrooms or mescaline for micro-dosing.  These substances are taken every couple of days with the aim to enhance creativity, productivity, alertness, and focus, and obtain greater energy throughout the day. While many people who engage in micro-dosing report positive effects, too often such practices lead to substance abuse and eventual dependency.

Research on the Effects of Micro-Dosing

Scientists have tried exploring the effects of LSD and magic mushrooms. Much interest has centralized around the potential of these substances to support mental well-being when used under specific medical instructions. Some researchers who have personally tested psychedelic drugs have indeed stated that they have enhanced their sense of clarity. For years, there has even been talk of the potential power of psychedelics to open gateways into the “spiritual realm.” However, since these drugs have become illegal, practical and applied research has become difficult to obtain. Much more evidence is warranted in order to know for sure of the benefits, if any, of taking small doses of psychedelic drugs for mental health. Presently, the evidence is lacking to conclude that this is a safe and effective mode of treatment. Additionally, for those predisposed to, or struggling with addiction, micro-dosing could have quite the opposite effect, increasing mental chaos and unmanageability. 

Seeking Support for Addiction And/Or Mental Health

Always consult a physician before taking any kind of drug and seek medical help if you experience any dangerous side effects. If you’ve been battling with substance abuse, reach out. At Avalon Malibu, we have many professionals on staff that are ready to support you.  

Avalon Malibu is a world-renowned, California state-licensed mental health and substance abuse recovery center. We understand the tendency to seek comfort through self-medication when struggling with mental health and/or well-being. If you are ready to seek treatment, we are committed to helping you develop the tools and coping skills you need to overcome life’s obstacles free from drugs and/or alcohol. It’s never too late to make a change, and we are here to help. To learn more, call us today at 844-857-5992.

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