Physical Activities You Can Do Right Now To Release Anger

woman kickboxing

Time Magazine has stated that Americans are angrier now than ever, but why? It seems political debates and news of violence have enraged many, understandably – but are we letting too much get to us? As soon as we become upset about an issue, we set ourselves up to be irritable or agitated more easily than we would be if we felt content. This later translates into fights/arguments with our loved ones, road rage, substance abuse, and more. There are healthier ways to channel this anger, however, and they are healthy because they involve physical movement. Here are some things you can do to channel your anger for a worthy cause (your health):

  • Team sports. Join a softball, basketball, football, baseball, or volleyball league; this can help you release endorphins while playing a game with those you enjoy spending time with. Working up a sweat and focusing on a team goal can also help you channel your focus on something that will be productive for you in the moment.
  • Pilates. According to a 2016 study conducted by a researcher from Korea, participants noticed significant differences in their self-confidence, anger management, optimistic trait and communication efficiency after participating in a 16-week Pilates exercise program. Pilates can release muscle tension and can also give you a sense of mastery, which will feel nice if you don’t currently feel like you have control over your emotions.
  • Martial arts. Besides learning some great moves for self-defense, martial arts is a fantastic way to combat another person in a healthy way and relieve some stress and anger. You can channel your anger through each position, allowing you to feel more relaxed by the end of each session.
  • Kickboxing. Kickboxing involves controlled punches and kicking movements carried out in discipline, so you will get a rigorous workout by the end. This activity is a wonderful way to work out frustration in a safe environment.
  • Long-distance activities. Long distance running, biking, skiing, and other outdoor activities will require you not only give a lot of energy towards completing it, but will also give you time to cool your thoughts as well. Long distances can allow you to experience a range of emotions and by the end, you will feel much more resolved.

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