Personality Disorders Impact All Areas Of Life

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Personality disorders can make life unmanageable.The presence of a personality disorder affects more than someone’s personality. It affects the way they see and relate to the world, as well as how the world sees and relates to them.

  • Difficulty in social relationships: Personality disorders can complicate the way an individual interacts with the world around them. Meeting new people, forming relationships, and integrating with society can be a challenge for those living with a personality disorder. The burden of having a difficult time being fully functioning in society is severe. Feeling socially isolated can lead to social isolation, which can enhance feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and the toxic feelings of shame as well as guilt. Maintaining employment, engaging with others, and other problems can arise when a personality disorder gets in the way of social relationships.
  • Difficulty in personal relationships: Feeling out of control of facets of one’s personality can make it difficult to have meaningful personal relationships. People who live with aversive personality disorders, for example, can act in ways which are harmful toward others. Avoidant personality disorder will distance themselves from their partners. Narcissistic personality disorder will undermine, manipulate, and neglect. Borderline personality disorder can be abusive and cruel, creating enmeshment and codependence.
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships: Without treatment and therapy, the various traits of personality disorders can be hard for someone to manage- that is, someone who doesn’t have the personality disorder. Feeling burdened by the sometimes abusive presence of these personality traits, partners and friends take distance.
  • Substance use disorders: The existence of ay kind of mental health condition, like a personality disorder, increases the likelihood that an individual will develop substance use disorders. Impulsivity, coping with emotions, or using substance to self-medicate, are all reasons people with personality disorders turn to substance abuse.
  • Anxiety and Depression: There are high rates of comorbidity between personality disorders and anxiety as well as depression. Living with the effects of a personality disorder can become overwhelming. Not knowing if a job will stick, if people will stick around, if one day there will be control over personality or not, using substances to cope and regulate- all of these symptoms can lead to feeling anxious and/or depressed.


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