With the Opioid Epidemic, What are Some Pain Management Relaxation Techniques to Use?

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With the opioid crisis, many people are in search of pain management techniques to help them work through the pain without having to use medication they once used before that could potentially lead them to addiction. If you experience chronic pain, this may be a challenging time for you as you learn to navigate healthy ways to manage your pain while avoiding prescription drug abuse, addiction, and overdose. Thankfully, there are a variety of holistic practices that you can incorporate into your daily routine that may help with pain:

    1. Cold and heat – a “tried and true” method, cold and hot compresses can help with inflammation, swelling, stiffness, improving circulation, or reducing blood flow.
    2. Exercise – chronic conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia may benefit from gentle exercises such as walking, swimming, or cycling.
    3. Relaxation imagery – according to the Australian Pain Management Association, focusing on your breathing and then visualizing a beautiful place that makes you feel happy, warm, and relaxed, is a wonderful way to relieve tension and stress throughout the body. By gently focusing on this, you can take your mind away from the pain you are experiencing.


  • Chiropractic – considered a form of complementary medicine, chiropractic visits can often help improve the structure and functioning of the body to reduce pain. Everyday Health notes that spine adjustments promote self-healing and have been proven to assist people who experience lower back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, headaches, and more.
  • Massage therapy – by directly addressing tension points, massage therapy can ease pain through manipulation of soft tissues.


Harvard Medical School states that these non-invasive practices can alleviate a lot of chronic pain that causes unnecessary suffering, leaving you with a better quality of life. Always make sure that you seek advice from your doctor before trying any of these approaches, and stop use immediately if there are any unwanted side effects. What’s most important is that you find safe ways to manage your pain while leading a happy, healthy life.

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