Lies in Recovery

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Recovery is filled with ups and downs, and sometimes we may experience different mindsets for it. The beginning of recovery can be challenging because you don’t know what to expect, but even months – or years – later, recovery can be filled with moments of confidence and doubt, just as life is filled with these things. Issues may arise, however, when we start doubting our recovery and allowing those doubts to get the best of us. We may start telling ourselves lies – even if we don’t realize it – and this can affect our approach to healing if we don’t “check-in” with ourselves soon.  If this is where you’re at right now, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s normal to go through these moments of change – and by recognizing these 3 types of common lies we tell ourselves, we’ll better be able to combat them if they occur: 

  1. I no longer have a problem.”

As much as we’d like to believe it’s true, the reality is that recovery is a lifelong process – and if we’re telling ourselves we’re cured, it’s either because we’re feeling particularly over-confidence about our progress in recovery so far, or it’s because we’re doubting that we can succeed in recovery and so we are telling ourselves that we no longer need help. The reality is that recovery requires ongoing maintenance. 

  1. There are other people who are worse.”

We all have different backgrounds, and we can’t compare ourselves to others in recovery. Oftentimes, it becomes easy to compare our journey to others – and if we see that others are struggling, we may start to believe that we don’t have a problem anymore. Try to avoid comparing your journey to someone else’s. We’re all at our own pace for healing.

  1. “I’m not meant to recover.”

It’s normal to fear recovery. A lot of people do. The thought of changing your life and living a life of sobriety is scary for many people – but that doesn’t mean you’re not capable of embracing these changes. Remind yourself of that. 

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