Is There A Way For Me To Enjoy Time With Friends If They Are Not Sober?

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Unfortunately, once we go to treatment to enter recovery from an alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, not everyone joins us. Though we take some time to heal and work on ourselves, the world outside continues on as it does. For those of us who come from social circles revolving around drinking activities, the prospect of returning can be daunting. Will we be able to stay friends with our friends, join them in outings, and partake in the festivities? The experience is different for each person, but here are some general and shared thoughts.

You Can Still Hangout With Your Friends

Even in a group of people who like to drink, not everyone is an alcoholic. However, for some, their groups of friends participated in hard, chronic drinking that might seem problematic to everyone. If you were the one who developed a problem in your group, it is okay! A strong group of friends will love, support, and encourage your sobriety. Friends who are unhealthy and toxic for your sobriety will try to persuade you to drink and leave your hard work behind.

What Can I Do With My Friends Who Drink?

At first, you may need to meet with your friends in non-alcoholic areas and have simple occasions together like coffee or eating at a restaurant. Thankfully, once you become sober, the world is your oyster! There are a million and one things to do on planet earth which do not require the presence of alcohol. Go for a walk, take a hike, swim in the ocean, or explore a museum. It is true that drinking culture permeates a lot of culture, but it doesn’t have to be part of yours.

Eventually, you will be able to join your friends when they have a party, visit at a bar, or imbibe at a restaurant. In earlier stages of recovery, being around alcohol and people imparting alcohol will be difficult to tolerate. With your last drink not far behind you and the cravings still apparent, it might be too triggering to bear. You deserve time to feel self assured and confident. Later on in life, the alcohol will be an afterthought.

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