How to Decrease Delta COVID Variant Anxiety or Depression

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Covid-19 and its variants have changed how we interact with each other. As a result, we think about the health implications of our actions and social interactions. For example, the prospect of returning to quarantine or social distancing practices can affect our mental health.


We can’t seem to get away from news about the coronavirus or its variants. We don’t know what to do with so much information. As the Delta variant spreads throughout the country and discussion about mask mandates and lockdowns increase, we can wonder what will happen; will we need to isolate ourselves again socially?


How Delta Affects Our Mental Well-being


The Centers for Disease Control’s updates about the effects of the Delta variant of Covid-19 include changes in mask-wearing.The thought of going back to the regulations that states enforced last year can increase our depression or anxiety. We only started to resume our everyday lives, and now we face the possibility of social restrictions again. When forced to quarantine in 2020, many experienced an increase in depression, stress, or anxiety. 


Perhaps, we look at others to figure out solutions for us. But, if the people we rely on to decide what to do or plan for an unexpected or unwanted event aren’t sure how to move forward, we can be at a loss. The unknown can cause anxiety or depression because we don’t know how to cope with uncertainty. Often, the prospect of returning to quarantine or self-isolation leaves us asking what we can do to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 regulations. We can consider seeking help for our anxiety or depression by beginning therapy. 




Before we cycle into depression or anxiety, we can take a step to prevent or lessen the effects of the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 and its variants. First, we can begin to see a therapist who can help us identify our emotional triggers. Therapists guide us through our conscious and subconscious emotions. Individual or group therapy provides the opportunity to discuss our fears, stress, or concerns with those who are compassionate and dedicated to helping us find positive coping mechanisms.


We can find our place of health and heal through holistic therapies. For example, we learn how to cope with anxiety or depression with yoga, writing, art, or aqua therapy. Whether we participate in outpatient or inpatient therapy, we can benefit from learning how to heal through positive mental health therapies.


Holistic therapies that encourage us to connect with our mind and body guide us towards finding our inner peace. When we find this inner peace, we become open to new experiences and healthy ways to cope with anxiety or depression. Learning how to recognize and cope with our emotions in a home-like environment aids us in discovering gratefulness and joy. Avalon Malibu acknowledges that we can change feelings of hopelessness and anxiety to happiness and hope. Find peace and comfort in The Grand House, our private residential treatment center.  For more information, call (844) 857-5992.

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