Exploring Borderline Personality Disorder in Women

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Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is experienced by several million people across the United States. Studies report that most people diagnosed with BPD are women, which makes this a vital population of interest in terms of support and treatment. People with BPD often experience varying mood swings, unstable self-image, feelings of worthlessness and insecurity, impaired social relationships, and more. Symptoms of BPD tend to occur early on in life, such as through adolescence and early adulthood, and can greatly impact daily life. 

BPD and the Menstrual Cycle

As scientists have sought to explore more of the nuances associated with BPD, they’ve found that the menstrual cycle can play a role in how women experience this disorder. The menstrual cycle can bring about several symptoms that impact daily life such as mood swings, cramps, fatigue, headaches, nausea and more. Studies have shown that symptoms of BPD can be at their worst just before, and immediately after a woman’s menstruation. Ultimately, this can lead to a lot of challenging thought processes for women with BPD, especially if they’re experiencing suicidal ideation.

Researchers hypothesize that women with BPD are more sensitive to hormonal changes, which could provide reasoning as to why a woman with BPD might undergo much more severe symptoms before and after menstruation. However, this knowledge creates the opportunity to strengthen the support available for women during this time, at home, in the community and with the help of healthcare professionals alike.

Seeking Treatment?

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