Does Online Therapy Work?

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America is finally focused on therapy. With the rise of life-taking addictions like the opioid epidemic, there has been a great change in the way people approach the topic of mental health. Addiction is no longer considered a character or personality problem. Today, as mandated by the government, it is regarded as a mental health condition. Additionally, mental health disorders can no longer be discriminated against and treated differently. Parity laws have made mental health disorders as important as any other medical issue. As a result, there is a greater focus on providing more people with the mental health treatment they need, from residential rehab programs to therapy.

Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of therapists and counselors available in some areas where they are needed the most. People who are in need of mental health treatment the most are also some of the most busy. The millennial generation has a great amount of responsibility and stress on their shoulders, which also contribute to their failing mental health. In contrast, their parents, the baby boomer generation, is rapidly retiring. Moving away from the work force and responsibilities which have kept them busy, they are forced to reckon with themselves.

People do have circumstances which prevent them from entering treatment or committing to typical therapy treatments. In response, online counseling, online therapy, and even texting therapy has grown. Can these methods replace or be as effective as traditional therapy?

Pluses Of Online Therapy

  • For those who have busy schedules, enduring responsibilities, or specific disorders which make it difficult for them to leave the house, online therapy maes therapy more accessible
  • When it is difficult to formulate your thoughts in the presence of other people it can be easier to take the time and space to clearly articulate your thoughts when you can write them out

Minuses Of Online Therapy

  • Enabling agoraphobia or any other issues around leaving the house and interacting with people can be more harmful than helpful
  • Taking the time to curate responses could lead to self-editing one’s emotions rather than their words. Therapists are trained to read nonverbal cues as much as they are trained to interpret what a client is saying to them.

However people are seeking therapy treatments is important because they are taking the initiative to receive help.

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