Diva, Drama Queen, or Histrionic Personality Disorder?

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Histrionic personality disorder is not exclusive to females or any stereotype of the female personality. However, the disorder is comparative to the characteristics of the highly emotional, attention seeking archetypes so often heard about. Characterized by being (and needing to be) the center of attention, histrionic personality disorder can drive people to extreme lengths to be noticed. It isn’t about the fame or reputation. Histrionic personality disorder is a disorder of insecurity and a lack of self-knowledge. Attention and approval from others is what gives someone with histrionic personality disorder a sense of self-esteem. Indeed, many star performers who fit the stereotype of a “diva” or a “drama queen” might be suffering from histrionic personality disorder. Without a platform, stage, or fan base, they fall apart in their identity. Fame is all they’ve ever wanted, yet they find it is not enough to fill that hole. Being the center of attention is not everything. Being yourself is. For histrionic personality disorder, this is hard knowledge to come by.

Other Personality Traits of Histrionic Personality Disorder

There is always one person who seems to go out of their way to get attention through outlandish behaviors, dangerous actions, or provocative dress. Provocative behavior is a symptom of histrionic personality disorder. Winning the seduction game is important because it guarantees attention. Dressing, acting, and behaving in seductive manners are all part of the need to be the center of attention. Seductive or sexual provocation is not appropriate in all social situations. Histrionic personality disorder sees those inappropriate situations as perfect opportunities. Such opportunities are likely to be taken, especially if others are taking it.

Due to a lack of self-identity and self-esteem, histrionic personality disorder is prone to being encouraged to engage in other attention seeking behaviors. Vulnerable to influence and suggestion, if there is a promise of attention or validation, histrionic personality disorder will not need much convincing.

Who Has Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Women are diagnosed with HPD more often than men if only because, as Psychology Today describes, “because attention seeking and sexual forwardness are less socially acceptable for women than for men.” Histrionic personality disorder can be a high functioning disorder meaning an individual can be successful in life without evidence of an issue.

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