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Many people consider diary writing to be “stupid” when indeed it can be very helpful. In fact, diary writing has been used for so many years – and by so many people – to uncover deeply hidden feelings, make sense of behavioral patterns, and find new ways of understanding events that have happened in the past. Have you ever tried diary or journal writing before? While it may seem “silly” or “childish”, there are so many benefits in doing this. Who knows, you may learn something new about yourself that could aid in greater strength and healing while in recovery. 

Previous studies have shown 3 main benefits of writing information down in a journal or diary on a daily/weekly basis:

  •       You get to reclaim what’s happened over time – with diary writing, it’s easier to recollect memories that have fallen by the wayside as time has gone on. You’re able to better look at what happened in the past as you remember it, how it affected you, and what patterns of thoughts or behavior have emerged since to help you heal.
  •       You get a voice – all too often, we forget that we’re human beings with thoughts and feelings. We become increasingly hard on ourselves, talking negatively and being critical. Diary writing reminds us that we’re human and that we deserve compassion, too.
  •       Difficult emotions – as humans, we have a lot of fears and frustrations. If this continues to build up over time and we don’t seek help, we may find that our quality of life worsens over time. By writing in a diary, you’re able to better document your lived experiences so that you can catch any major issues as they arise.

Recovery isn’t going to be perfect. It’s a lifelong process, just as life is. You’re human, and you’re definitely going to experience a wide range of emotions – like sadness, happiness, anger, jealousy and more. Having a diary to document these moments can give you a wonderful piece of evidence that you can work with both personally and in therapy.  

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