Creating a Wellness Routine That Works for You

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Have you been curious about creating the right wellness routine for yourself?

Perhaps you have tried to be consistent with meditating, eating healthy, journaling, or working out, but nothing has stuck yet. Feeling like you cannot stick to something you set out to do can feel self-defeating. However, the essence of creating consistency with habits that lead to wellness is about finding routines that work for you rather than against you.

Drop Comparisons

It can be easy to watch someone’s morning routine on Instagram and think that is what should work for you. However, what wellness means and looks like for you is not what it may look like for someone else. Creating routines in your life that give you access to health, balance, presence, and inner peace begins with looking inward, rather than outward, for what you should do and dropping comparisons in the process.

Find Enjoyment in the Process 

Sticking to healthy routines gets easier when you find activities and rituals you genuinely enjoy, rather than those you think you should do because they are supposed to be “good” for you.

Ask yourself a few questions. What are the daily choices, habits, routines, and processes in which you find enjoyment? Likewise, what are those that you do not enjoy but are forcing yourself to do? Can you permit yourself to do things that feel good for your mind, body, and spirit while giving up what does not?

Perhaps this means working out in the evening rather than the morning because you are not a morning person. It could mean choosing to do yoga over a run because yoga feels better for your body. Maybe walking instead of sitting when you meditate feels better for you.

Whatever it is, permit yourself to enjoy your routines rather than force yourself to do them. Also, accept that what works for you does not have to be what works for someone else.

Creating a wellness routine that anchors you in your healing journey is about discovering what works for you and leaving behind what doesn’t. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize the importance of having routines that support your recovery rather than undermine it. Whether it’s through teaching you how to release comparisons with others, find enjoyment in your life, or permit yourself to do what’s best for you, we can help. You will also be among professionals and peers that support a safe and secure environment. To learn more, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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