How to Cope With Burnout This Holiday Season

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Perhaps even the thought of the holiday season brings you feelings of stress and anxiety. Although it is a time of year to experience gratitude and joy, these emotions may seem hard to access when the holiday season is marked by work deadlines, being busier than usual, chaotic family gatherings, and bouts of depression

It is important to not preemptively worry about burnout and expect it to happen this holiday season. However, it is also helpful to have the tools to minimize the chances of it happening and navigate it when it does occur. 

Here are some tips to avoid burnout during the holiday season:

Set Boundaries 

Something that may feel unnatural, but is a powerful practice, is setting boundaries. Popular to contrary belief, you have permission to set boundaries regarding what you commit to, what you allow and do not allow into your life, and who you make plans with. 

This holds true even when a part of you feels like it is safer to please others or when another person gets upset with you for setting a boundary. 

Practice Radical Self-Care

Self-care can often be interpreted as a selfish gift to give yourself, especially if you tend to people-please. It may also seem like something you know you should do, but you resist because it feels like another chore on your do-to list. 

However, to be able to support others, be present, and experience wellness, you need to care for yourself before attempting to take care of others. Radical self-care involves knowing and prioritizing what you need in order to be well. 

Therapy can be a great way to explore self-care.

Accept Your Situation

Even when integrating practices into your life to minimize the chances of experiencing burnout this holiday season, it can still occur. If this is the case, practicing acceptance of your situation and how you are feeling is essential to experiencing relief from burnout itself. 

What you resist persists, and acceptance can make the feeling of burnout a little less heavy. 

Experiencing burnout during the holiday season is not unusual. As much joy as the holiday season can bring, it can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize how stressful the holiday season can be and are here to support you at this time of year. Whether through setting boundaries, creating a self-care plan that makes sense for you, or practicing acceptance, we can help guide you and get you on the right track. You will also be among professionals and peers that support a safe and secure environment. To learn more, call (844) 857-5992.

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