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Previous studies have shown that when mental illness is involved in a romantic relationship, typically both partners must work together to get a better understanding of the mental illness and what a partner needs to thrive – but many couples aren’t aware of the tools to help their significant other, let alone the knowledge of how to talk about mental illness. There are about 450 million all around the world who battle with mental illness – so it’s extremely common for couples to deal with issues related to managing mental illness. Open communication has been shown to really help couples feel stronger together as they move forward – if you feel comfortable telling your partner about your mental illness, it’s suggested you do so. Of course, always wait until you’re ready.

Couple’s therapy provides a safe, structured environment with which to talk about issues that may be difficult to discuss or understand. If both you and your significant other are open to talking about some of these issues, there’s a lot that can be learned in couple’s therapy, such as: 

  •       Learning more about medications and types of tools for treating mental illness
  •       Gaining a better understanding of what each partner goes through each day
  •       Enhanced understanding of what’s needed
  •       A clear idea of the type of triggers that can arise as well as what can be done to help soothe a partner if this happens
  •       Greater unconditional love
  •       Strengthened confidence in the relationship as both partners are now on the “same page”

All too often, individual issues – such as those with mental illness – spill over into romantic relationships, and this can be hard to navigate if couples have never talked about this before. Paired with addiction recovery, it can become even hard to work through – but couple’s therapy can truly provide a safe platform for these discussions.

By seeking out couple’s therapy, you and your partner can find better ways of communicating, relating, and connecting. Ultimately, you’ll feel better knowing that both you and your loved one are communicating on a deeper level and are more equipped to handle situations as they arise.  

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