Country Star Brantley Gilbert Opens Up About Alcoholism And How He Got Sober

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Brantley Gilbert

Celebrities have been more open now than ever regarding their struggles with mental illness and addiction. Their stories have inspired and motivated people all over the United States to seek help for their problems; country star Brantley Gilbert is one of them. The 33-year-old who sings “One Hell of an Amen” and “Country Must Be Countrywide” has had back-to-back platinum albums. While the singer has been sober for 7 years now, he reflects on his time back when life was rougher – when he had a completely different frame of mind and when he handled his problems differently.

According to People Magazine, Brantley’s road to addiction began soon after graduating from high school, where he was the son of a Baptist preacher. He began drinking a lot of hard liquor and took opiates to relieve some of the pain he experienced from playing football – which soon led to him relying on the medication for relaxation. Once Brantley signed a record deal, he was reaching for bottles and pills any moment he could – he described to People that once he had the chance to pursue music full time, “every day was a party”. It wasn’t until 2011 that Brantley Gilbert had to be hospitalized for pancreatitis; doctors told him that if he didn’t stop drinking, he was not going to make it to his next birthday.

In December of 2011, Brantley stopped abusing substances. He called his manager and explained his fears – that he wasn’t going to be able to afford the house that he was having built, that he wasn’t going to be able to perform and shows, and more. Shortly afterwards, country music star Keith Urban showed up and gave Brantley a pep talk. Brantley credits Keith Urban for giving him the motivation that he needed to jumpstart his recovery. Since living rehab, Brantley hasn’t dabbled with any of the substances he used to. He has a beautiful family and is focusing on his music, the love of his life, and raising their child.

No matter who you are, challenges will always occur – after all, that’s a major part of life. Recovery is possible, however. If you haven’t already, speak with a professional from a reputable treatment center so that you can begin your journey to recovery today.

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