Checking on Your Mental Health

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Checking on Your Mental Health

At Avalon Malibu, we believe it’s essential to check on your mental health and take care of yourself emotionally. Taking some time to reflect and evaluate how you’re doing can provide you with great insight. 

How to Check In On Your Mental Health

There are many ways to easily start checking on your mental health. The following methods can be extremely helpful to start with. However, it’s important to consider your own personality and current situation and use whatever tools are best for you. There is no one right way to check in on your mental health. Don’t be afraid to get creative and find what works for you. Below are some options you can use to check on your mental health.


A journal can be a powerful tool for self-reflection. If you have a hard time organizing your thoughts, grabbing a journal can be helpful. This way, you can jot down whatever comes to mind. Often, the more you write, the better you’re able to assess your current mental state.

At Avalon Malibu, we offer writing therapy as part of our mental health treatment plans. This is a great way to learn more about journaling methods you can use to check on your mental health.


Having people hold you accountable can help you stay in tune with your mental health. Asking your friends to check in on you and see how you’re doing can make you feel supported. Consider speaking to someone you trust about your mental health goals and how they may be able to help. When you have someone to report to, you may be able to be more conscious of the state of your thoughts.

Tracking Your Mental Health Symptoms

If you’ve never tracked your mental health symptoms, consider doing so now. Keeping track of your moods, sleep, symptoms, daily activities, and other things of that nature can provide you with great insight. Tracking in this way allows you to recognize any patterns that exist. 

If you’re currently working with a mental health team, it can be extremely helpful to show them your tracker. They can use this information to inform future treatment goals and provide you with the best possible care.

Are you ready to start checking on your mental health with the help of a professional? If you are, the Avalon Malibu team might be the right choice for you. We provide a variety of services so that our clients can get an in-depth view of their personal mental health and ways to improve it. Speaking with a member of our staff is as easy as calling (844) 857-5992. Don’t hesitate to reach out and learn more about ways you can check on your mental health.

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