Change is the Only Constant: Adaptation is Critical

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A relatively recent study published in Journal of Experimental Social Psychology stated that humans prefer comfortability and predictability rather than change – students interviewed from the study indicated preference towards their current university layout than a newer one, and participants viewed acupuncture more favorably when told that it has been around for 2,000 years as opposed to 250 years. From the time we are born, we are changing. We learn to walk, talk, make connections with others, develop hobbies and interests, etc. If change were not necessary, we would never make advancement past birth. Adapting is crucial to our health and well-being – the more that we work with the change, the less we work against it, thus experiencing less negative feelings such as anger, depression, anxiety, and more. Although we crave the security, change is very constant – and we need to learn to adapt to this change to become more capable human beings.

The first step that we can take towards adapting to change is recognizing that we are trying to resist it. By acknowledging this, we can make decisions that place us in a position to work with the changes around us. The next step is for us to keep this knowledge in mind and remain open to whatever the world offers us. Whatever path appears, we are safe in knowing that our path is purposeful. Either we take on a path that provides us with bountiful rewards and experiences, or we take a path that teaches us many lessons and gives us the opportunity to grow. Either way, it’s a “win-win”. Lastly, we can choose to walk towards change, rather than away from it. If there are opportunities for new discoveries to be made, learn to approach the change with curiosity and excitement. Begin this new journey with an open heart and mind, and become elated by the numerous lessons and possibilities that may arise from this new direction.

Change can be incredibly difficult for most of us to appreciate – but the reality is that without change, we would never learn and grow. Change is a wonderful gift that enables us to find something more beneficial for us, to grow from the ashes of the past and to rebuild our foundation with bricks that are stronger than they were before. If we can learn to accept change, then we are setting ourselves up for a much easier, more workable way of living.


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