Catching Burnout Before You Get Burned

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During the treatment process, there isn’t a day to be wasted. Each day is full of precious learning and healing opportunities for growth, development, and change. For the recovering brain, there can come a limit. At one point, all of the processing, sharing, learning, practicing, and doing can become too much. Most treatment programs today include a balance of tough clinical work with healing, wellness, and fun activities. From art therapy to yoga, walks on the beach to off site activities, there are breaks in the mix. Still, everything is designed to teach you something about recovery. When your brain is healing, your body is tired, and your soul is just exhausted, there are days when enough is enough.

Burnout is a stage when your entire being reaches capacity. Not a single drop of information is going to get in and be effective when you are approaching burnout. Noticing burnout before it happens can help you be proactive and communicate your needs before completely burning out. Getting exasperated by stress in treatment can lead to emotional extremes and severe frustration which could inspire someone to leave “against medical advice” or even relapse.

You are allowed to take breaks during treatment. Leaving is an option, but it isn’t the most healthy one because you’d have to come back and start over. At lower levels of care when you are in a sober living environment and not in full residential programming, you have the opportunity to take a pass to visit friends and family and take a few days off. Until then, you have to learn to identify approaching burnout and ask for a change in your scheduling from your therapist. It might mean sleeping in later, taking a few classes off for the day, or getting to spend more time with your individual therapist.

Signs Of Burnout

You are having thoughts of leaving treatment and being done because you feel like it is stressing you out rather than helping you

You’ve run out of all that courage, hope, and faith about recovery

You’re so exhausted that you don’t even care anymore and will let the cards fall as they may

Through every part of your day you think about how tired and burned out you’re getting

Instead of listening and taking in information, you’re being combative, defensive, and argumentative

You feel like a whole day of sleep would help put you back on track

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