Signs And Symptoms Of Borderline Personality Disorder

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Psychological professionals have regarded borderline personality disorder as one of the most difficult to diagnose. Depression, mania, anxiety, and many other disorders can be presented through borderline. Identifying some of these signs and symptoms can be an indicator that it is in fact borderline personality disorder.

Inconsolable Fear Of Abandonment

It is perhaps the fear of abandonment or rejection which is the worse and most obvious sign of borderline personality disorder. Most people who develop borderline experienced some kind of abandonment in their childhoods. Whether that instance was big or small, the abandonment was significant and terrifying enough that it inspired the development of a mental health disorder in order to cope with the fear. Every adverse and maladaptive behavior someone with borderline personality disorder develops is centered on their fear of abandonment. Unfortunately, they depend on others to validate and soothe their fears, yet, out of fear of being abandoned, they also push them away. Sadly, without treatment involving therapy or the proven technique for borderline recovery called dialectical behavioral therapy, there might not be a way to help them feel secure.

An Empty Identity

Without other people constantly validating who they are, someone with borderline personality disorder might not know.

Volatile Relationships

Due to the way that someone with borderline personality disorder acts out of their fear of abandonment, their relationships tend to be volatile, dramatic, and unstable. Part of the term ‘borderline’ applies to an inability to recognize and maintain healthy boundaries. Since the borderline feels so empty and insecure, they want to be filled by another person. However, it is not the role or responsibility of a partner to do so. Coincidentally, people with borderline are often described as intelligent, empathetic, compassionate, and highly charismatic. Once in a close intimate relationship, the fears of abandonment come out and cause problematic behaviors.

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Many people with borderline express that when they enter into a mode of self-sabotage they hardly feel as though they have any control over themselves. They witness in an almost dissociated state the things they say and do which hurt the people they love. Self-sabotage applies to borderline because of their fear of abandonment. When they act out in their fear, they push people away as if trying to accomplish a self-fulfilling prophecy of being abandoned. Behaviors can include:

  • Sudden anger
  • Spontaneous rage
  • Extreme Mood Swings
  • Personality Shifts
  • Self-Harm
  • Threats Of Suicide or Suicide Attempts

Borderline Personality Disorder can become especially troubling once it becomes co-occurring with substance use disorders. Avalon Malibu is one of California’s trusted treatment facilities for providing certified primary mental health care. Our beautiful estate houses our breathtaking residential homes designed for tranquility and serenity. For a confidential assessment, call 1 888-958-7511.

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