Can Your Psychological Outlook Affect Your Physical Health?

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How many times do we tell ourselves we can’t do something, then prove ourselves right? We set up defeatist limits for ourselves all of the time. In a moment of clarity, perhaps what some might call hope, faith, or courage, we tell ourselves we can do something and- we do it. What changed? Our mental state did.

There is no greater example of this than with people who come to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The prospect of having to go through withdrawals, detox from drugs and alcohol, then learn to live without them is dim when we are addicted. We tell ourselves a number of lies in order to avoid it. We couldn’t possibly survive. We can’t stay sober. We won’t be able to finish our treatment programs. We’ll just relapse and fail, disappointing ourselves and others. Then, in a moment of bravery and what many people call divine intervention, we tell ourselves we have to try, that we might be able to make it, and then we do. In one moment, we quit drugs and alcohol. Every moment from there on out, we keep changing our mindset to tell ourselves that we can do it, we can stay sober, and we can change our lives.

Once we are in recovery, we learn how to keep an attitude of gratitude, maintain positivity, and use a number of little sayings to keep our outlook toward the future healthy. One day at a time, keep it simple, this too shall pass, don’t take yourself too seriously. All of these are reminders to keep our chins up and take life as it comes, recognizing that with each passing moment it is getting easier and easier to stay sober.

Outlook is everything when we are in recovery. As soon as we slip into that familiar desperation, we are risking our sobriety.  The Sydney Morning Herald reported on a recent research experiment in which researchers found that optimism had an effect on physical strength. Six separate experiments examined more than 1300 people and how their outlook on the future affected them. Researchers compared the participants outlook on their future to their physical capabilities. Optimism, the researchers found, “was a ‘cornerstone’ of recovery”. Additionally, there is no one way to approach optimism. Across all the experiments conducted, researchers found that more clearly and concretely participants envisioned their future, the more successful their physical health. “…Our recommendation is that you do need to think about and plan for your future and the way you think about and imagine that future is important in terms of generating the optimism that is going to be successful in terms of pushing you through to a successful recovery,” the researchers explained.


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