Addiction Group Therapy: What to Expect

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Addiction group therapy may be beneficial while seeking treatment for a substance use disorder. It should be noted here that individual therapy in a group environment is not the same as group therapy. To be effective, it must be conducted by a skilled counselor. When done correctly, it can assist people who are battling with addiction in resolving their issues.

Advantages of Addiction Group Therapy 

In group therapy for addiction, there is a unique dynamic that aids recovery. Humans are all social beings, and even the most introverted person can benefit from the human connection in group therapy sessions. Here are three of its advantages:

#1. Isolation Is Reduced 

For some, isolation works as a coping mechanism to recover from substance abuse. However, what we do not realize is that it could also be a catalyst for more substance usage. By giving meaningful opportunities to engage with others, group therapy helps to alleviate loneliness.

#2. Other Users’ Experiences May Help You

As different people share how they dealt with the events of the week, their experience might help you too. They may discuss how they conquered a challenge or how they succumbed to temptation. 

When one individual develops a technique for resisting temptations or avoiding a relapse trigger, the entire group benefits. When someone in group therapy discusses a scenario, it serves as a living lesson for everyone in the room.

#3. Allows for the Possibility of Witnessing Recovery

You will be able to see the outcomes of healing if you attend group therapy for a long period. It can be enlightening and powerful to witness someone else’s transformation and recovery from substance abuse. It offers you hope that you will be able to get to that place on your own journey. Observing a person’s progression from struggle to recovery can be energizing for you along the way.

Addiction Group Therapy Methodologies

As previously noted, group therapy plays an important role in a person’s recovery. However, when placed in a group, some people may strive to fit in and “passively” participate. 

To encourage “active” engagement, group therapists employ a variety of tactics and procedures. Everyone in the group must engage by discussing and executing the therapist’s treatment tasks. Activities, such as the following, will help you heal faster:

  • Role-playing activities
  • Exercising problem-solving skills
  • Experiments with groups
  • Games

Whether you’re trying to find your way out of addiction, or you are seeking stability, group therapy might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. Group therapy at Avalon Malibu is designed to help the client work towards restructuring the self. At Avalon Malibu, group activities and excursions through nature allow our clients to experience a peaceful setting in which to explore and engage with peers to heal. For more information, call us at (844) 857-5992.

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