Acceptance is an Action Word

Acceptance is an Action Word

Acceptance is a part of the 12-step program, and we hear “acceptance is the answer” in meetings all the time. However, acceptance is not just the illusion of not caring.

Toleration is Not Acceptance

When we tolerate someone, there is still a negative connotation. We are still holding onto an idea that tells us that the other person or situation is somewhat unfair or wrong. However, we choose to tolerate it while we’re in it rather than fighting back.

While we maintain this mindset, we will never be free. There can be a place that you go to where you can enjoy those situations or people you once found tolerable and now feel genuine love for them. It is a matter of perception.

Resting On Our Laurels

We have found time and time again that just saying that we’re going to accept something without taking any action does not produce the necessary results. It is an action that we can take. For example, if we do not like someone, and for whatever reason, we cannot find good qualities, we can take action.

The first action we can take is to look at why it is we have an issue in the first place. More than likely, there is something we see in them that we do not like about ourselves. Because of this, we must realize that we are projecting our defects onto other people.

We can view this from an entirely different angle and appreciate that we are just like them. We can try to help them overcome something that we have experienced. It is also suggested that we pray for them to a higher power every night.

Right or Happy

If we get upset at people often or dislike something they have to say, it is essential to look at why. Most of the time, we find that we want to be right. We like the idea that we are right all the time. However, this type of behavior creates a lot of loneliness.

We find that changing our attitude about what we think we know makes us feel happy.
If we practice this long enough, we will find that real acceptance is relatively easy to achieve.

At Avalon Malibu, there are plenty of practices to help the individual come to acceptance. Acceptance is the first step to healing, and with a team of professionals, you can find your way back to freedom. Call today at (844) 857-5992.

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