3 Summertime Healthy Activities Both During And After Treatment

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For many people recovering from addiction, the summer may be a particularly difficult time of the year. From graduation parties to outdoor events that may feature alcohol. You may find yourself struggling to find healthy things to do.

Our healthy activities program focuses on teaching clients how to live a healthy and sober life both during treatment and after completing treatment for their addictions.

Here are several of the current healthy activities that you can do with family and friends or on your own to maintain your healthy lifestyle without drugs and alcohol:

1. Join A Team Sport

Participating in a team sport has multiple benefits both during and following addiction treatment. The first main benefit is to your physical health. Running and other physical activities increase your blood flow and the release of chemicals that cause relaxation and happiness. The second benefit of participating in team sports is the camaraderie that can be created from these activities. Working together as a team to win a game is similar to working together to overcome your addictions.

2. Partake In Water Activities

Water sports are proven to result in relaxation, decreased blood pressure, and lower blood sugar levels. This can be important while overcoming addiction to drugs or alcohol. Spending time in the water can allow you clear your head of negative thoughts and focus on the positive thoughts that are necessary to achieve sobriety.

In addition to relaxation and lower blood pressure, you can achieve your goals of fitness by participating in sports such as surfing, kayaking, and swimming. These activities are designed to work your core muscles, burn fat, and create lean muscles, all while making you feel better.

3. Cookouts And Home Meals

Summer is the best time of year for cookouts and get-togethers. Take full advantage of the sunshine and warm weather by creating healthy meals that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Many people find meal preparation to be relaxing at the end of a day. You can use different foods and try new recipes or create a recipe of your own. Some of the best meals are made using creativity rather than a cookbook.

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