Rob Alexander

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Rob Alexander - Business Development Manager

After working as the Admissions Director with Avalon Malibu for a few years early in the life of our center, Rob Alexander ventured into other areas to learn more about marketing and business development within the finance sector and several other industries. During this period, Rob also pursued additional education in the areas of digital marketing and business management. It was during this time that Rob learned that, while he enjoys working in the financial sector, his own recovery journey had informed his true passion. Even before coming to work with Avalon, Rob accrued 4 years of experience as a sober companion in addition to admissions director for other facilities. Helping those in need of addiction or mental health treatment, by way of making treatment centers more effective and successful is what he really wanted to do with his life.

It was with this realization that Rob came back to Avalon to help with admissions, manage the center’s business development efforts & help implement positive changes within the admissions team. Upon rejoining our team, Rob got started in Admissions & quickly folded Business Development Management into his duties. In addition to taking admissions calls, speaking to families and people looking for treatment & maintaining relationships with referral partners, he’s now responsible for cultivating new growth opportunities for the center. Rob believes that Avalon is the place where he’s able to do good when working with families to help their loved ones get back on track.

Rob loves being able to work at Avalon because of the great reputation they have in the industry for doing good work. He had some challenges with his own sobriety after 9 years in recovery. He found it was necessary to maintain good physical fitness and a meditation practice, after dealing with chronic pain, to stay connected to his fellows in recovery. He sees himself getting more comfortable with his role and really expanding the footprint of Avalon and how the center can help more people each year. In his spare time, Rob enjoys surfing, snowboarding, camping, is a certified rescue diver. Spending time with his daughter doing many of these activities is his most important role in life. From understanding the person seeking treatment to being able to relate to the family of loved ones, helping people in recovery is the work that is the most fulfilling.

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