Will I Have To Take Anti-Depressants Forever If I’m Treated For Depression?

depression pharmaceutical drugs

Medication reliance can be either a relief or a regret. Those who are in need of treatment for depression sometimes avoid getting the help they need because they are afraid of going on medication. Antidepressants are designed to help restore the chemical imbalance in the brain which depression creates, and also creates depression. During the early months of treatment and recovery, medication can be a great tool for managing the low moods and energy of depression. With medication, someone in recovery can focus on what they need to focus on instead of being in a constant state of distraction due to mood, exhaustion, and more. Depression is known for creating a fog in mental clarity, confusion, and difficulty grasping cognitive functions. By clearing the mind and encouraging more energy, one can participate more readily in their treatment. When depression is co-occurring with addiction and alcoholism, it is especially effective. In order to make the most of treatment for addiction, one needs to manage their depression. Without treating both, there is a greater risk for relapse.

How Long Will I Have To Take Medication?

Medication might be a short term treatment or a long term treatment depending on the severity of depression. Depression as it is co-occurring with substance use disorders can be either a cause or a side effect. Undiagnosed and untreated depression creates a higher risk for developing a substance use disorder. Likewise, abuse of substances like alcohol, which is a depressant, and other drugs can cause depression. Substance abuse alters the way the brain functions and produces feelings of pleasure. You and your psychiatrist or prescribing doctor will work together to determine what you need. Medication for depression is highly individualized. What is best for one person might not be the best for you. By staying honest about your emotional state and experience with cravings, your doctor will best be able to help you manage depression medications.

Are There Side Effects For Depression Medication?

Any commercial for a pharmaceutical medication will let you know that they all come with a long list of side effects. Some are common, some are rare. Each person reacts to medication differently. How you react to medication might differ from how someone else will react to medication. Report any unusual side effects or changes in health and behavior to your doctor.
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