Why Travel for Alcohol Treatment?

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Struggling with alcohol addiction can be very disruptive in your life. People go from being a flourishing business professional who is on the ball with their family to someone who can barely get out of bed in the morning. When it’s finally time to go to a treatment center, there needs to be a healing solution that will work best. Sometimes, that involves traveling. 

Get away from the negative influences in life

It can be very difficult to finally break  bad habits when surrounded by friends who may also be addicted. These friends will many times utilize peer pressure to indulge in bad behavior that not healthy. Traveling out of state provides natural removal of these negative influences that is often too difficult to enforce otherwise.

A change of scenery may be the right kick  

Heading to a new place offers a new perspective on life.  This shift in location can spark whole new ways of thinking.  New scenery will forces the mind to think differently and could cause new, healthy thoughts leading away from addiction.

Removal of dysfunctional family dynamics

though tough to admit, families could have a lot to do with addiction. With a dysfunctional family, it may not be a good idea for them to visit during detox or treatment. Heading out of state could put the right amount of distance away from that dysfunctional family dynamic adding to addiction problems.

Tougher to leave the treatment center and go home

Seeking treatment in a home state or even hometown makes it very easy to just walk out, get an Uber, and go home. This is not the case when a flight is involved  for treatment as it will take lot more than just hailing a taxi and calling it quits.  

This is an easy way to attend rehab discreetly

Attending rehab program may be a difficult thing to do if in the public eye of a local community. Leaders of small business, church, or local politics can avoid any unnecessary scrutiny by going out of state. After all,  everyone deserves to go through their treatment program in private.

Higher completion rates  

It has been shown that those who attend treatment programs out of state have a much higher completion rate. This can be due to many reasons. Simply not being able to go out to the familiar bars with the same friends can be a big motivator to not quit. Without connections in a new state, there’s not as strong of a pull to leave the program.

Uncover the root issues

Often alcoholism co-exists with other mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression.  These are often overlooked when fighting with alcohol dependency, especially by family members who prefer denying any other root issues. Separating out allows people to focus on safely detoxing and then addressing the root causes for drinking in the first place.

Coming home is more exciting

After a treatment program, it is always exciting to finally come home. Attending a rehab program out of state means hopping on a plane to be greeted by  loved ones at the airport.  It may help family and friends recognize the commitment to your recovery, and allow them to provide better support as well. 

When you are fighting an addiction of any kind,  it’s important to do everything possible to not fall back into old habits. An out of state treatment center helps form new and healthy habits.

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