Why Are Canada’s New Marijuana Laws Causing Controversy?

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Canada is going to legalize marijuana, most feel. The federal government is on its way to pushing and officiating legalized marijuana throughout the country. Attention around the world is turning toward Canada as the country prepares to lead the way with innovative production, distribution, and regulation. Yet, not every province of Canada is looking forward to the progressive move. Drug addiction and substance abuse riddle Canada in certain areas making lawmakers nervous about the federal legalization of the psychoactive drug.

CBC News reports that Manitoba’s new laws are being called “short-sighted” and “unnecessary”. Problematically, the article reports, Manitoba officials didn’t consult medical cannabis users or cannabis-prescribing doctors to make their decision. “The legislation would bring in restrictions for marijuana similar to those for alcohol, banning people from consuming it in a vehicle and giving police the right to suspend a driver’s license for 24 hours if they thought the person was under the influence of the drug.”

Driving under the influence of marijuana is becoming a concern in many areas throughout North America as marijuana continues to see legalization. One source contributing to the article claims that the Manitoba laws increase the stigma and shame faced by clinical patients who depend on medical cannabis for healing. However, the Manitoba authorities may not be far off in their measures. Manitoba is one of the areas of Canada being heavily hit by the opioid crisis. CBC News has also reported that 1 in 10 drivers in Manitoba are tested positive for marijuana, meth, and other drugs.

Bracing For Marijuana Impact

Canada is progressive in its approach to drugs and drug treatment. Currently, safe use clinics and prescription heroin administration clinics in Vancouver are causing both controversy and inspiration as other areas like Ontario seek to mimic their efforts. Rather than treat addicts or cannabis patients like criminals, the Canadian government offers its citizens a higher regard and wants to make sure they can become healthy again.







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