When it Comes to Recovery, What Does Stabilization Mean?

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If you have a serious mental illness, you may have felt overwhelmed, fearful, and so flustered that you could barely think. You may have felt your chest tightening, as though the world was caving in. During these moments, it can feel like the world is falling apart – and it may feel like nobody can save you. Many people have experienced these feelings, and this is when treatment becomes a critical component of your recovery.

When you first enter treatment for your mental illness, stabilization will be the first step. Stabilization, in a broad sense, may mean something different depending on the person. In the world of mental health recovery, it means reaching a psychological state of peace. Several interventions may be used to help you reach this:

  • Monitoring – checking on your progress with medication, and mental stability through psychological testing and/or therapy outcomes
  • Medication – prescribed medications to assist with giving you clear thoughts while you work through your issues and concerns in therapy
  • Detoxification – the natural process of your body cleansing itself after excessive use of alcohol or drugs

A 2015 study published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine emphasized the importance of increasing a person’s control over their own life and assisting individuals in reaching their goals as part of a treatment center’s program. If you are considering joining a reputable treatment center, make sure they are dedicated to helping you develop the tools you need to overcome your obstacles.

Emotional stability can be achieved and maintained on your own without professional guidance, though it is advised to work with a team of professionals. These are: getting regular sleep patterns, eating nutritiously, taking medication as prescribed, refraining from alcohol and drugs, and avoiding making hasty decision such as quick moves or suddenly leaving a job.

Stabilization is a critical component to recovery and it must be achieved before moving further. If you’re currently struggling with symptoms of your mental illness, make the decision to seek help today. There are so many resources that you can use to achieve a higher quality of life. Do not wait any longer.

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