What You Didn’t Know About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is an evidence-based, time-sensitive, structured, present-oriented psychotherapy that assists clients in solving problems and developing skills to help modify dysfunctional ways of thinking and doing. CBT has been shown to treat a variety of disorders, including anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, sleep problems, chronic pain and fatigue, and more. If you’re considering seeking therapy, your therapist may choose to use CBT with you. Here are some facts that you may not have known about this popular, effective treatment method:


  • Homework is incorporated. Since CBT is quite intensive, there will likely be some form of homework to complete in-between your therapy sessions. This homework may come in the form of journaling, completing a worksheet, or simply pondering a certain question –  but you want to make sure you are prepared for each session so that you can get the most from it.
  • It is often more short-term based. A lot of work goes into CBT, but that’s why many people can complete it within about 16 sessions. The dynamic of this form of therapy can, in a sense, fast-track a person’s recovery because that client is accountable for their own growth, learning, understanding, and practice of tools throughout the process.
  • There is evidence that it can change the brain in a positive way. A study has shown that CBT modified the neural circuits involved in the regulation of negative emotions – changes within the nervous system mean that over time, your brain can develop newer, healthier patterns of thought.
  • Sense of control helps to decrease reactivity to painful situations. There are 9 essential CBT techniques and tools: journaling, unraveling faulty thoughts, restructuring perceptions, exposure and response prevention, interoceptive exposure, re-scripting of nightmares, worst-case scenario play-out, progressive muscle relaxation, and relaxed breathing. These tools, when used appropriately, can help prevent you from feeling trapped, anxious, or in fear of a situation.


The benefits gained from CBT can be life changing if you immerse yourself in it and work hard. Remember that recovery does take time and dedication – anything long-lasting is typically challenging to some extent. Make the decision to dig deeper than you’ve gone before and try out therapy. It’s never too late.

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