What is the Latest News on Drug Trafficking?

drug trafficking

CBS News recently covered a huge undertaking of drugs by the Coast Guard. Approximately 10 tons of cocaine and more than 50 pounds of heroin were seized along Mexico and Central America by several Coast Guard cutters. Cdr. John McTamney, Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Cutter Spencer told CBS News, “This represents a significant disruption to the supply chain of various transnational criminal organizations.” It is said that many smugglers will fill vessels with drugs and will send them through the eastern Pacific for days, even weeks at a time. The Coast Guard has captured about $300 million worth of drugs, a huge victory towards protecting the United States from addiction.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated at a press conference in San Diego,

“By preventing overdoses and stopping new addictions before they start, enforcing drug laws saves lives. This record-breaking year by our Coast Guard saw the arrest of over 500 suspected drug traffickers and kept nearly half a million pounds of dangerous drugs from getting to our streets – and ultimately to our neighbors, friends, and families. I commend every service member who has helped us in our mission to keep the American people safe, and I thank them for this indispensable contribution to public safety.”

CNN reports that the Coast Guard intercepted 27 shipments and 5 bale recovery efforts over the course of 10 weeks, with the drugs coming from several areas: the Andean Ridge, Bolivia, Peru and Columbia. The interceptions were mostly loaded with pure, uncut cocaine. CBS further states that while some of the drug bust will be held as evidence for convictions in smuggling cases, the rest of the drugs will likely be destroyed. Vice Adm. Karl Schultz, commander of the Coast Guard Atlantic Area told Fox News that persistent maritime efforts in drug trafficking zones have enabled them to intercept bulk quantities of drugs at sea, preventing smuggler’s cargoes to reach the shores of Central America and land routes through to the United States.




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