What Is It Like Living With Borderline Personality Disorder?

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What does borderline mean? Simply defined, a borderline is just a line marking a border. With borderline personality disorder, there is something disordered about that line. For those who have borderline and those who are the loved ones of someone with borderline, that can mean two very different things. First, there is a lack of distinction between personality types, hence lacking a borderline. Borderline and multiple personality disorder are no longer the same thing. However, people who have borderline personality disorder experience rapidly shifting mood swings, emotions, and even perspectives depending on their mood. People who live in relationships with those who have borderline personality disorder feel like they can never be sure as to what to expect next from their loved one. Second, there is typically a lack of boundaries for people with borderline. They are known to receive boundaries like a personal offense. Part of what is “disordered” about borderline is that they tend to take things deeply personally, meaning they have a difficult time discerning the point where they end and other people begin. Not understanding or being able to maintain healthy boundaries can create an immense amount of emotional pain for someone who is already living with a devastating insecurity.

Unpredictable Emotions

Without a clear distinction between emotional states and weak emotional regulation skills, living with borderline personality disorder can feel like walking on a minefield. How someone with borderline thinks and behaves is entirely dependent upon how they feel. Unfortunately, there is never a guarantee or prediction to how they will feel. What they can rely upon is knowing that when the emotions come, they come on intensely strong.

Feeling Exhausted And Being Exhausting

One of the hardest parts about living with borderline is the constant feeling of unmanageability. Though some people with borderline can have co-occurring narcissism or narcissistic traits, others are keenly aware of the effect their changing moods has on others. Especially for those they love, people with borderline feel a significant amount of guilt for their uncontrollable behaviors.

Treatment And Coping

Behavioral psychotherapy types like cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy have proven to be extremely helpful for treating borderline. Giving people the tools they need to regulate their emotions, cope with emotional intensity, and create strategies for communication can be life-changing. Borderline was once considered untreatable. Today, through therapy and treatment more people are finding ways to live with their condition.

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