What Is Gestalt Therapy?

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Gestalt therapy is a powerful healing modality within the setting of psychotherapy. While there are many forms of psychotherapy, gestalt therapy encompasses the wholeness of a person, taking into consideration their past experiences, present reality, and future goals. It is a type of therapy that looks at a person’s past lived experiences and connects them to what they are experiencing in the present moment.

This form of therapy can give someone access to understanding how their past influences their present-day reality with empowerment rather than feeling victim to it. This awareness can help a person decide what changes need to be made to heal and grow.

The Process

Like many other forms of psychotherapy, gestalt therapy is about self-discovery through learning about a person’s relationship to themself, others, and their environments, as well as their past, present, and future. It emphasizes you as a whole person, taking into account how everything in your life is connected. It impacts how you feel and what you experience internally and externally.

Through the therapeutic process, you may notice your self-awareness increasing in a way that builds self-trust, autonomy, and empowerment. You may feel that you can grow, heal, and evolve in ways you perhaps did not think were possible but have always desired.

The Goal 

Like other forms of therapy, moving through the process of gestalt therapy is to reach a space where you can anchor into self-acceptance in each moment. By acknowledging what you are feeling in the present moment without being overwhelmed by it, you may find you can be your authentic self, free of feeling and acting as you did in the past.

Deciding to experience this type of therapy is part of a journey. The realizations you have, coping skills you learn, and new awareness you acquire can guide you as you continue on your path of self-discovery, even after leaving therapy.

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