What Happens In A Depression Relapse?

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Recovery from mental illnesses like depression is different than recovery from addiction because of relapse. Though you learn to live with and manage depression, it can still happen. There is little defense against the first mood swing in the same way there is against taking a drink. Depression will happen, but you can be prepared to handle it when it does.

You Can Feel It Coming

After years of living with depression, you become keenly aware of the signs that a depressive episode is coming. You migh experience anxiety or even panic at the hint. Dealing with depression when it comes on full swing is challenging, no matter how adept your coping skills have become through treatment and therapy. Like a panic attack, you aren’t looking forward to the uncontrollable symptoms and having to wait for them to pass. Instead of giving into the panic, just take care of yourself and prepare for what might be coming. Your fears are understandable, depression might have lead you to institutions, hospitals, or substance abuse. With treatment, you’ve become a stronger person more capable of managing yoru depression.

You Are Sensitive To Others’ Depression

Solidarity among those who struggle with mental illnesses like depression and substance abuse can be life changing. Finding comfort in knowing that other people struggle the same way you do helps lessen the isolating feelings depression can cause. However, those relationships have to be equally managed as your depression. During a depressive episode, listening to others’ depression can be even more depressing. It’s important to curate your conversations. You need inspiration, positivity, and safety during this time.

You Can Take Depression Too Seriously

Depressive episodes come and go, just like the happier times in between. The two are neither alike nor are they permanent. With therapy and treatment, along with medications, distance between depressive episodes can get longer and longer. During the depressive times, however, it can be easy to forget that this too shall pass. Depression can create a lot of lies and stories which simply aren’t true. Remember that you’re in a passing phase and nothing your depression tells you is permanent or real.

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