What Are The Best Ways To Offer Help To Help Someone With Mental Illness Find Treatment?










We don’t want to push our loved ones away when we offer them help for finding treatment. Here are loving and supportive ways to let them know help is available.

You Don’t Have To Do This Alone

Going into treatment and starting the long journey of recovery can feel daunting and isolating. One of the most important things you can say to your loved one is a loving reminder that they do not have to take this journey alone. With the support of their friends and family as well as a loving and compassionate clinical team, they will be supported every step of the journey.

There Are Options We Haven’t Thought Of

“Nothing is going to work” isn’t a realistic statement. Today, mental health treatment is more diverse and advances than it ever has been. There are many different options for treatment which can include numerous methods of therapy and healing.

You Are Not Responsible For Your Mental Illness, You Are Responsible For Your Recovery

Living with the difficulties of a mental illness can feeling like bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. Unsure of where their struggles came from, how to cope with them, or how to treat them, a lot of shame and guilt can develop. A major block to seeking treatment are the stigmatizing thoughts of blame and shame. If they could have known how to stop a mental illness from developing, they might have done so, as well as gained renown for having such a miraculous answer. Treatment isn’t about assigning responsibility for mental illness but taking on responsibility for recovery. Being sick and getting well are two different things. They have the ability to heal and learn valuable tools for living in recovery.

Have Empathy And Compassion

You might not understand exactly what it is they are going through. Unless you’ve suffered from the same mental health disorder, it will be impossible for you to ever truly get it. Chances are, within your lifetime, you have felt great pain and discomfort, anguish, distress, and suffering. Express to them that while you may not know exactly what you are going through, you can see their pain. You know that pain can be helped and healed. Empathy and compassion arm you to explain to them that you have an understanding and a sympathy for their pain.


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