We Need to Learn to Accept Change

tree split with life and death

Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. From the time we are born, we are constantly changing, growing, learning. When we are younger, these changes don’t seem so scary because we are excited to try new things; we are ready to become adults and venture out into the world. But suddenly as we get older, we feel that we have grown all that we can. We try to hold onto who we are and what we have; we try to remain in our comfort zone because change could mean that we might fail, that things could go wrong, and that unknowing feeling is just too much for us. As scary as we let change seem to be, it’s imperative that we learn to accept it -even better if we can learn to love it.

Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert further confirms this truth by stating, “We all know we will change. But we think fundamentally the people we’ve become…. will remain relatively stable in the future. And in that, we’re wrong.” To deny change is to try and deny the inevitable, which will make things even harder for us because we are resisting the very thing that will happen anyways. Ada Calhoun discusses this regarding marriage, as she explained earlier this year for the New York Times that she has essentially had 3 marriages with her husband, what she claims to be their “partying 20s, child-centric 30s and home-owning 40s”. Contributor Chrissy Scivicque explains change in the workplace as constant, because businesses are ever-growing and mergers, acquisitions, etc. are always taking place.

Change is in everything – even in recovery. Alcohol Rehab notes that those entering recovery must be willing to accept the unknown – to gain courage and change their old habits into healthier, more positive ones. When we take the leap towards bettering ourselves, change must happen. There are many plausible reasons why change is good:

  • If humans didn’t change and adapt, we would still be living in caves and fighting for survival each day.
  • If everything remained the same, life would not advance and innovations would not be present.
  • Without change, it would be impossible for people who have made harmful choices to recover and get better. Change provides the possibility for a better version of ourselves to appear.

Many people resist change due to fear of the unknown, denial that change is needed, desire for the comfort of the familiar, or feeling pushed to change when they otherwise wouldn’t want to. Change can be a beautiful thing, but the first step you need to take is to embrace it.




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