Warning: These 6 Barriers Could Hold You Back From Methamphetamine Recovery

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Addiction recovery isn’t always the easiest feat. As with life, recovery does have its ups and downs – but the point is to learn and transform throughout the process. If you’ve sought out a reputable treatment program for meth addiction, you’ve taken an amazing, courageous step towards living a happier, healthier life. This time is crucial to understanding what recovery consists of, what it may mean for you, and factors that could prevent you from reaching success so that you can be sure to take preventative measures.

A 2017 study published in the journal Drugs: Education Prevention and Policy sought to explore perceived barriers of methamphetamine addiction recovery. Two hundred and two stories were analyzed in an online health forum to identify these barriers. The researchers found the following themes:

  • Low self-efficacy most users felt powerless and held the mentality they would never recover; feelings of discouragement served as a huge barrier to recovery.
  • Conflicting thoughts about meth use – many individuals expressed their competing thoughts of “to use” vs. “not to use”; at times, this struggle led to relapse, especially if a person felt confident enough to “just use it once”.
  • Side effects of withdrawal – many individuals discussed relapse as an attempt to get away from painful withdrawal symptoms such as itching, panic attacks, nausea, mood swings, anxiety, guilt, and more.
  • Escaping the drug environment – people discussed the fact that leaving old social circles and the fondness of drug-related activities as being very difficult to leave.
  • Friends and family prevented recovery – some family members enabled users to continue their meth use, others experienced romantic relationship problems which led to them wanting to use, yet other people indicated that relapse was triggered due to families not providing enough emotional or financial support
  • Inadequate drug rehabilitation program – some individuals reported being turned away from programs because they weren’t considered “at risk” enough, others were turned away because there wasn’t enough space for them, and more.

When it comes to your recovery, it’s important to select a reputable treatment center whom you can share your fears and barriers with so they can help you overcome them. For instance, there are non-addictive medications that you may be able to take to help abate some of the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing. Family therapy is another component that could help your family understand what is needed from them during this time as well as tools to help them strengthen their dynamic as you work towards recovery as well.

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