Walking: A Simple and Beneficial Practice

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Walking is a simple and often overlooked practice for increased mental and physical health.

Walking is one of the most natural and effective ways to exercise our bodies and minds. Walking is such a fundamental activity that we often overlook the many benefits of this simple and accessible exercise. When incorporated into your daily exercise routine, walking at a brisk pace can help you stay in shape. Mixing it up with hills, hikes, and beach walks will also keep your muscles guessing and help you avoid boredom on your walks. There are also many mental health benefits of making walking part of your daily life. On our quest for complicated workouts and quick fixes, walking often gets a boring wrap. However, it’s all about our mindset and how we approach the activity. Here are some benefits of walking and ways to incorporate it into your life.

Walking can keep our hearts healthy, improve sleep quality, and aid in the release of endorphins. Walking is great on rest days from heavier workouts or as a workout on its own if you’re hiking, walking hills, or walking briskly with a friend. There are also several mental health benefits of walking, which include decreased depression, clearing the mind, and boosting confidence. Going for a long walk is great way to think through a problem that you’ve been having, gain some perspective, and clear out any mental clutter that’s been plaguing you. This is where the term “walk it off” comes from. We’re able to release tension and get perspective when we hit the pavement, hiking trail, or sand. 

Make walking a fun, regular part of your daily life by using it as a form of transportation when possible, walking with friends, planning hikes or beach strolls, and walking around your neighborhood in the morning. Walking can be a great meditative practice when you add mindfulness to the mix. Try going on a walk around a familiar spot while fully noticing everything in your environment, as well as your state of mind. It’s all about staying present in the moment.

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