Understanding Schizophrenia

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Millions of people in the United States are diagnosed with schizophrenia. Consequently, schizophrenia is considered to be one of the leading causes of disability in our nation today. Common symptoms of this mental illness include delusions, hallucinations, and unorganized speech and behavior patterns. Additionally, feelings like disassociation and/or detachment from oneself, general discontentment, anger, and anxiety are reported by individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. Media coverage depicts schizophrenia in a negative light, generating fear around the illness due to a lack of education and understanding among the general public. Here are some facts about Schizophrenia, in hopes of dispelling some of the confusion and stigma associated with the disorder. 

Schizophrenia Does Not Imply Danger

Not everyone with schizophrenia is dangerous. In fact, most aren’t. Television shows and movies portray those with schizophrenia as violent. This is unfortunate, as it’s simply not true. People with schizophrenia are more likely to die by suicide than to hurt other people. Sadly, many individuals suffering from this diagnosis do end up harming themselves, due in part to a lack of support and/or understanding. 

Schizophrenia Can Be Genetic

A family history of schizophrenia can increase your chances of diagnosis. Numerous contributing factors dictate whether a child will be born with schizophrenia. Having a family member, such as a brother, sister, or parent, that was previously diagnosed with the illness greatly increases the chances. When both parents have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, the odds increase even further.

Support Can Increase Mental Stability

People with schizophrenia need support. Many people with schizophrenia work best when they receive the same love and support that they had from their friends and family before their diagnosis. Those who battle with schizophrenia often have a lot of thoughts, making it difficult for them to concentrate. Having loved ones close by to remind them that they’re supported and cared for can significantly increase their mental stability.

Need Support?

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