Types of Alcohol

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We’ve known for many years now that alcohol can affect men and women differently. While both are just as likely to become addicted, the reality is that women often require less alcohol to become intoxicated than their counterparts. Typically, this is due to differing alcohol absorption and metabolization rates in men and women. However, many people often wonder how different types of alcohol affect their system, regardless of gender. Obtaining a clear understanding of types of alcohol and their effects may better prepare you to protect yourself from dependency and the dangers of addiction. 

Dark vs Light Liquor

Dark liquors, such as whiskey, tequila, and dark rum are often the types of alcohol that give people horrible hangovers. Specifically, this is because these types of alcohol contain more by-products of alcohol fermentation – which is also the reason that these liquors are darker in color. Alcohol alone can cause a person to become hungover the next day, but these dark liquors, in particular, add an extra dimension of sting to the hangover. Lighter liquors such as vodka, gin, and light rum can also cause bad hangovers, but the effects generally aren’t as unpleasant. Regardless of their color, liquors have a high concentration of alcohol and when consumed quickly, can produce rapid effects. Awareness around the amount and frequency of consumption is important to avoid dependency and physical dangers.

Beer and Wine

Beer and wine are classic alcoholic drinks that many people in the U.S. indulge in. Typically, people enjoy these drinks casually with dinner, pairing different wines and beers with specific flavors in their meals. Sitting down to eat and drink, it is not uncommon to lose track of the amount you are consuming. Often, the effects of intoxication can take place before the individual drinking it even realizes it, as they may be distracted by conversation.  As with dark liquors, darker beers and wines tend to increase the intensity of hangovers. Being conscious of how much you are drinking, despite social situations, is very important to ensure safety and health when indulging in these substances. 

Alcohol is Alcohol

While different types exist, the bottom line is that alcohol is alcohol and it’s all equally addictive. Regardless of which drink you prefer, the standard suggestion for safe consumption is one ounce of liquor or one glass of beer or wine per hour. This allows the body time to metabolize the alcohol, preventing the dangerous effects that can take place when alcohol levels build up in the body. Awareness around the frequency of drinking should also be considered for those choosing to indulge in alcoholic beverages. While consuming large amounts of alcohol can be physically dangerous due to intoxication, consuming alcohol too frequently can lead to physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms. 

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