Trump is Being “Assessed” by Several Psychiatrists, and Here’s What They Say


President Donald Trump is a hot topic for Democrats and Republicans alike, as past statements he has made have surfaced their way for analysis and defense by many Americans. Several books have been published examining the president’s mental health, as there is a growing argument of whether he is mentally stable enough to run the country. Books such as “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” contain essays from 27 psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals on Donald Trump’s mental state – and here is what they’re saying:

“We submit that by paying attention to the president’s mental state as well as his actions, we are better informed to assess his dangerousness. Delusional levels of grandiosity, impulsivity, and the compulsions of mental impairment, when combined with an authoritarian cult of personality and contempt for the rule of law, are a toxic mix.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump has been theorized as having narcissistic personality disorder, which is characterized by grandiosity, inflated sense of self-importance, exaggerated achievements, expecting to be recognized as superior, monopolizing conversations and looking down on others, taking advantage of others to get what they want, and more. Other claims suggest that he shows indications of sociopathy, which includes lacking empathy, absence of guilt, and intentional manipulation. Are these theories true?

Psychology Today recognizes the ethicality that must come into play. As many of these health professionals state, they are not “diagnosing” the president, but rather “assessing” him based on his past words and actions. A true diagnosis can only be conducted by a licensed health care professional, and would include a psychological evaluation that assesses a person’s symptoms, thoughts, feelings, and behavior patterns. Lab tests would also need to be completed, as well as a physical screening.

While there are many concerns that people have surrounding President Trump’s mental health, an official diagnosis is required to truly determine his “stability”. However, this heated topic does bring to play the fact that much of America is divided and needs to come back together. Our differences are causing more hatred and less support, and, according to the 2017 Stress in America Survey, Americans are more stressed than ever on the topic of our political climate.




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