Transitioning into a New Season: Reflecting on Autumn

Appreciating life and recovery as seasonal, cyclical, and filled with change.

Life moves in seasons and cycles, not in straight lines. We often hear the same about the recovery process. It’s not necessarily a straight line from point A to point B. Recovery is filled with cycles, seasons, ups, and downs. The end of September marks the end of the summer season and the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Seasonal transitions are an excellent time to reflect upon your progress, be present, and set goals for the season ahead. Fall, in particular, is a wonderful time to release what no longer serves you, just as the trees will be shedding their leaves. Let’s talk about a few ways to ease the transition into autumn and bid farewell to the summer.

Stop to Appreciate How Far You’ve Come

Before rushing into the next season, stop and appreciate your wonderful progress. Reflect upon the months of summer. How did you fill your days? What did you accomplish this summer? Did you have fun? What didn’t work? Take a moment to appreciate yourself and your summer.

Be Present

The transition from one season to another is filled with change, magic, and nature at its most energized. Take a look around, be present, and practice mindfulness exercises like mindful walking, meditation, or deep breathing. Be present for this wonderful transitional period.

Release What’s Not Working

Get honest about what hasn’t been working in your life and recovery. What don’t you want to take into this new season? Write down what you’re releasing, along with action points, and toss it in the trash. Sometimes we have to let old habits go in order to make room for growth.

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