The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Group Therapy

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Group therapy may seem very daunting – meeting new people, sharing personal information, and the overall new experience of group therapy may provoke anxiety. While these reasons are understandable, group therapy can provide several benefits. The most crucial step you can take before you begin group therapy is to adjust your perception, change your mindset that group therapy will be beneficial to you because this will set you up for a more positive experience. Associate Editor Margarita Tartakovsky of Psych Central has noted several ways that group therapy can uplift us in recovery:

  1. It helps us realize we are not alone. The American Psychological Associates states that many groups are specific – they may focus on depression, panic disorder, obesity, social anxiety, chronic pain, substance abuse, and more. In group therapy, you get the chance to meet others who have been or are in the same “boat” as you. This can give you a sense of relief knowing that you are not the “only one”.
  2. It facilitates giving and receiving support. Dr. Ben Johnson, clinical psychologist and director of Rhode Island Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Coaching told Everyday Health, “Groups not only help to ease that sense of isolation, but also give the opportunity to practice re-engaging with people.”
  3. It helps us find our voice. Iona College notes that “group therapy can help you find your individual voice by providing a safe space where you can learn to identify and express your thoughts and feelings.” By finding your voice, you can gain more confidence in yourself and learn more about who you and others are.
  4. It helps us relate to others and ourselves in healthier ways. WebMD claims that group therapy is often sought after for emotional support – in doing this, you can understand others’ lived experiences and share your own in a safe, healthy manner. This discussion can lead you to learning how to manage your stress and cope in healthier ways.
  5. It provides us a safety net. Psychotherapist Ali Miller who specializes in working with couples and groups told Psych Central, “If you know you can report back to a group of people who care about you and will listen to your experience, you tend to feel braver. Knowing someone will catch you if you fall emboldens you to leap. The group becomes the net.”





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