The Power of Intention Setting

The Power of Intention Setting

Intentions are powerful words, statements, and phrases that can amplify change quicker than merely setting goals.

Setting intentions is a mindful practice that allows you to listen to your inner voice and realize what motivates you to act and have specific experiences in your life.

Why We Set Goals

Goals can often come from a genuine place within yourself. However, you can just as frequently set goals because you think you need to in order to feel the way you desire, prove yourself, or attain a certain status you think you need for acceptance and belonging.

Perhaps you are not really chasing goals, but rather feelings. This is why intentions are so powerful. Simply setting an intention can give you access to the motivation behind a specific goal.

Setting Intentions With Intention

Setting intentions permits you to not worry about how you will reach a certain goal but rather the feeling you are striving for. It allows you to strengthen and connect to your inner voice. For example, you could set any of the following intentions as a practice of mindfulness:

“I am setting the intention to feel safe to be in my body.”

“I am setting the intention to allow myself to feel good.”

“I am setting the intention to experience ease and flow.”

“I am setting the intention to allow myself to be present.” 

If you are familiar with affirmations, intentions are a spin on them. The key is to set each intention with intention and note the moments when you feel your intentions working in your life.

Making It a Practice

Intentions are most effective when set purposefully over time. If the practice of intention setting resonates with you, perhaps you take a moment to set an intention each morning to bring awareness to what you would like to experience for the day.

Maybe you journal about your intention, write it on a post-it note, or state one to yourself before going into a meeting or therapy session.

Intention setting rather than goal setting is helpful in recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse as it makes the process of healing feel less overwhelming. At Avalon Malibu, we recognize the power of intentions and the role they can play in cultivating holistic wellness and adding more joy into your life. We can support you in the practice of setting intentions and letting go of attachments. You will be among professionals and peers that support a healing and secure environment. To learn more, call us today at (844) 857-5992.

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