The Healing Powers of the Ocean

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Meditating n the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of the ocean.

The ocean is one of the most relaxing, mysterious, and expansive things on the planet. There’s a reason everyone feels great after spending a day at the beach. The ocean has many healing powers and we can reap the benefits simply by being near it. If you don’t have access to an ocean or a large body of water, visualization is a powerful tool to connect with the healing properties of the ocean. Here are a few reasons why the ocean is such a healing force. 

The Sound of the Waves

The sound of waves crashing is a meditative, repetitive, and relaxing thing to listen to. Simply listening to the crashing sounds of the waves induces deep states of relaxation. 

The Feel of the Sand

The sand beneath our feet helps us ground into the earth and connect to the earth’s negative ions, making us feel more in tune with nature and ourselves. When we walk on the sand, our minds and bodies instantly relax as we sink into the granules.

Breathing Sea Air

There’s nothing like breathing in the calming air near the sea. Breathing sea air has actually been shown to both energize and relax us, helping us to feel more balanced and peaceful.

Seawater is Healing

Swimming or floating in the ocean offers powerful physical benefits. Our bodies relax into the buoyancy of the water and we absorb the powerful minerals of the ocean through the skin. 

The Ocean is a Healing Metaphor

The ocean itself offers a magical metaphor for the connectedness of all life. Meditating on the ocean or visualizing waves is a great way to connect with nature and our unconscious minds. The ocean traditionally symbolizes the collective unconscious and our emotional lives. The depths of the ocean are unknown to us and we can only imagine what those waters have to teach us.

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