The Benefits of Alumni Support Group Therapy

Group therapy

It can be hard for us to maintain our recovery, especially when we don’t get the support we need. Support can come from many sources. Having the support of your family and loved ones is important, but many people feel there is an aspect missing from that circle; empathy. Only those who understand our struggles and behaviors through shared experience can provide true empathy. If you are looking to connect with someone who understands what it feels like to walk your path, Alumni support therapy is an option to consider.

You Are Not Alone

Alumni support groups help us understand that there are others like us that struggle in the same ways we do. Loneliness and isolation are the enemy of recovery. Alumni support groups provide the kind of support that is hard to find elsewhere; the understanding and acceptance of others. Being among our peers can help stave off the loneliness and depression that can result from feeling like the odd person out when in the company of those who have not experienced addiction. 

When you attend an alumni support group you have the opportunity to speak to people whose experiences are similar to yours. They understand the frustration and challenges you face in trying to remain sober in a society that doesn’t understand the complexities of addiction.

Stop the Self-Stigma

Alumni support can also help us rid ourselves of self-stigma, or the awareness of social stigmas that we share and apply to ourselves. Stigma can be a serious issue for those living with substance abuse and mental health disorders. Despite advances, many common misconceptions about the nature of people living with these disorders persist. Some even attach stigma to those who have the courage to seek help through a recovery program.

Alumni support helps remind us of the benefits and outcomes of treatment and offers new tools in helping us live a life of healthy integration. We can make aftercare plans and develop new insight on how to deal with cravings and prevent relapse.

If you are looking for a place free from judgement, where you can speak freely to people who understand your journey, an alumni group might be for you.


Recovery is a lifelong journey; one best not taken alone. While the support of family and friends is invaluable, only those who have walked in your shoes can truly understand the daily challenges of living with substance use and mental health disorders. At Avalon Malibu, we offer Alumni Support Groups for our residential treatment programs to provide you with the camaraderie and shared wisdom of those who understand your struggle. Our commitment to offering diverse treatment options means you will enjoy a unique rehabilitation experience tailored to your individual needs. Our dedicated team of mental health professionals can equip you with the right tools to cope with daily stresses, including social events, that you can use within and outside the facility. Our Alumni Support Group will reinforce those learnings and provide you with the non-judgemental acceptance you need to maintain your wellness. Call us at (844) 857-5992 to learn more. 


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